Jewellery Care

Lynott Jewellery takes pride in hand-selecting quality metals with high-quality plating. However, some fashion jewellery (including plated, 925 Sterling Silver and expensive jewellery brands) can experience normal wear and tear over time. To extend the life of your jewellery, please give them occasional breaks and to keep them away from any moisture and creams.

Jewellery Care Tips

  • Keep items in the jewellery pouch provided when not in use

  • Avoid sweat or liquids

  • Wipe often with a soft cloth

  • Do not sleep in your jewellery

  • Avoid chemicals (especially hand cream)

  • Avoid bathing, showering or washing your hands with jewellery on

  • Wait for hand/face cream to dry before putting on any jewellery 

  • Apply a layer of polymer coating/clear nail varnish on the inside of your rings