Eire stud earrings (silver/gold)

Eire stud earrings (silver/gold)

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A stunning tarnish and waterproof  Ireland earrings piece of home to take with you wherever you go! Our piece of home collection is the perfect touch of sentimental jewellery for you or a fantastic gift for someone travelling, abroad or just to make their day!


 available in gold or silver.


Material: Stainless steel 18k gold plated

Size: 45cm +10cm options

Finger Size US5 = Finger measurement 5cm

Finger Size US6 = Finger measurement 5.5 cm

Finger Size US7 = Finger  measurement 6 cm

Finger Size US8 = Finger measurement 6.5 cm

Finger Size US9 = Finger measurement 7 cm

Finger Size US10 = Finger measurement 7.5 cm

Finger Size US11 = Finger measurement 8 cm

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